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Who is the Yogi MoMo?

My yoga practice began in a fitness center in Allen, Texas in 2006. Little did I know back when I first showed up on that yoga mat to try and get more fit that I would discover a way of life that would patiently guide me and teach me how to begin to genuinely love myself. It has been a long journey to arrive at this moment, 14 years later, as my work as The Yogi MoMo has begun.

B.K.S. Iyengar spent 7 decades of his life teaching us that yoga should be accessible to all people, and that as we make the physical part of yoga (asana) accessible to all ages, all body types, all genders, and all fitness levels, we will be presented with infinite opportunities to show our fellow yogis that this “workout” is one that can truly transform them from the inside out.

His teachings have informed and inspired my goals and my vision.

I struggled with body image for more than 40 years, trying every quick fix fad that came across the screen, yearning to look like I thought I was supposed to, a 5’8’ frame weighing in somewhere around 120 pounds with no extra flesh anywhere on my body. 

Yoga has reminded me that I was created JUST AS I AM. Yes, years of unhealthy and convenient choices have made my work now, as a 50-year-old grandma yogi, harder, but I finally learned that my work must begin from the inside. And that is precisely what I want to teach others.

When I finally learned to love the incredible ME that this 5’8’, 165 pound person is on the inside, I started making healthier decisions for my body, my emotional health, and my future. I physically move my body every single day; most days are a good mix of asana and walking. I make healthy food choices that I know my body’s composition (dosha) can pull the most nutrients from, and I drink a hell of a lot of water.  I am not perfect. But I am on a journey of internal transformation toward contentment and joy. And guess what? The more I love myself from the inside out, the more renewed my commitment becomes to take care of myself from the outside in.

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