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See what our students have to say about the Yogi MoMo!

“Before we started taking classes with Kelli, we had never done yoga before. We were very nervous about it since we were not flexible or athletic. Kelli made it easy to become confident in our practice. She takes the time to work with everyone individually in order to make yoga work for them. Although we do not practice consistently, we enjoy taking as many classes as we can with her because she is the best!”
– Emily & Tom, Portland, Maine

“I never experienced a true restorative yoga class until taking a class with Kelli. Her energy and vibes made everyone instantly relaxed and Zen. Her music is always serene and tranquil. If you want to be transcended into a peaceful headspace, I recommend taking a yoga class with Kelli!” 
-Annie, College Station, Texas

“I can say with certainty that the Yogi MoMo cares deeply for every single person she crosses paths with. A teacher radiating compassion and dedication. Thank you for sharing your yoga.”
– Laima, Aalborg, Denmark

“My first ever yoga class was a morning sunrise class with Kelli in May 2019. I still remember that day and how she just made me feel like we had known each other forever. She was so kind, gentle, strong, and radiating such a bright light. 

The softness in her voice really made me relax, be present, and really turn my focus inward. She truly has taught me what it means to be present. How important it is to take the time and do something good and important for myself so that I can go love my 2 little boys more intentionally and softer. How to not judge myself or my thoughts, to just let them come and go. To not judge others. That we all are exactly where we are meant to be. 

After just that one class I thought to myself this is meant for me. I want to be like her when I’m in my 40’s! I went to yoga for a physical practice and honestly I wasn’t in the best shape mentally or physically. Kelli’s classes truly brought so much good to me physically, mentally, and spiritually, far more than I ever imagined when I signed up! 

And a little after a year later I’m still so excited every time I step on my mat. When Kelli is guiding I know that I will leave feeling whole and open. Ready to love and be loved! I am so grateful to Kelli and to my yoga practice. They both have truly changed my mind, which has changed my life.” 
– Hannah, College Station, Texas

“I started taking virtual classes from Kelli only a short month ago. I quickly fell in love with the sunrise yoga and Yin classes. Starting my day off with her wisdom has made a huge impact on my daily life. Not to mention the actual yoga. She breaks every move down, giving plenty of modifications for even the beginner yogi. I love the way she intentionally prepares the body for one focused pose at the end of class. Her monthly membership is a steal in my opinion and keeps me accountable and motivated to continue my practice from home!”
– Brittany, Conroe, Texas

“Kelli came into my life as my yoga instructor during my teacher training.  She helped me overcome some of my fears about teaching and was always supportive.  She taught me how to be a better restorative teacher.  I will forever be grateful for the lessons and compassion she showed me.  I’m so happy for her and this new endeavor she is embarking upon!” ❤️❤️❤️ 
– Gina, College Station TX

Taking classes with Kelli is like a breath of fresh air. Her spirit is contagious and you can’t help but smile when she is teaching. You feel safe and pushed, all at the same time!
– Sam, College Station, Texas

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